Bouchon Bakery

I found myself walking through Rockefeller Plaza one afternoon and decided I was in need of a tea break of sorts. Iced coffee was called for – I happened to be in New York at their ‘start of summer’ which in non-New Yorker speak means the first summer heatwave. It was hot! And humid. The perfect excuse for many an iced coffee break. I’ve never really been a huge fan of iced coffee but apparently I’ve been reformed because I couldn’t get enough of the things. I’m also not the biggest fan of meringue but for this perfect tart I had to make an exception. Look at it! Isn’t it just too lovely for words? There was lots on offer at Bouchon Bakery but I saw this and knew it was destined for me.

It turned out to be a near perfect (possibly perfect) tart. Crisp pastry base. Tart, thick lemon curd. Soft, fluffy and somehow creamy meringue. Oh for more tarts like this one…

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