Sunday Lunch, The Kings Wark, Edinburgh

Leith is one of my favourite places in Edinburgh and the Kings Wark is one of my favourite pubs. It’s tiny and rather intimate, especially when it’s full. The staff are friendly and the menu is always changing and evolving. Obviously it was a place I had to take my Mom and aunt to when they were visiting.

We went for Sunday lunch. I had fish and chips – it was the start of a chip obsession for my Mom and aunt who are sure the chips are better in the UK because of the types of potatoes grown here – and my Mom had the seafood menagerie (I can’t remember what it was actually called). It was one of those long lunches after which you need to lie down for a while or, as in our case, take a slow meander around Leith to walk it off. It was a rather perfect Sunday and I almost wish all Sundays could be like that but then, perhaps, we wouldn’t appreciate them when they do occur…

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