Reading List (17/4)

I just loved this ode to a pastry shop and pastry chef. And the accompanying recipe for a ‘pepita crunch bar’ is delicious.

Loved this list of books to read from ambassadors.

A Food for Free initiative that is benefitting the local community.

A story of murder and a recipe for roast chicken (without the controversial hairdryer).

Whiteness and the cookbook publishing industry.

Nigella has spoken: quit calling yourself ‘just’ a home cook.

Inspiring photographs of people helping to protect their local environments.

Kurt Vonnegut on life, writing, family, etc…

Reasons for participating in some food growing.

A note from a bookshop on professional pastry books by women.

This is my local indie bookshop and it always has something I want to buy.

Ideas for a rooftop picnic. I am now craving a sausage sandwich.

Food in fantasy novels.

We’ve been watching Chef’s Table: Pastry over the weekend. I have many issues with Chef’s Table (not least the lack of women) but I did love the episode with Christina Tosi. It made me want to make a bazillion cookies, and gift them to everyone I know, to make life a little better.

Have a good week. x

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